Clear Your Yard After a Storm

Look into storm debris removal services in Live Oak or Lake City, FL

Has a recent storm left your yard littered with debris? Don't let fallen branches or downed trees affect your curb appeal. Instead, turn to Haul of Fame Junk Removal, LLC for storm debris removal services.

We'll restore your yard to pre-storm condition, so you can sit back and relax. Connect with our yard debris removal expert to schedule an appointment in Live Oak, Lake City, FL or the surrounding area.

We make the cleanup process easy

Cleaning up your yard after a severe storm is no small task. It can often take hours to collect all the fallen limbs, sticks and debris - and when you're done, you still have to find a way to dispose of all of it. Save yourself the time and hassle and hire us for storm debris removal services.

Our team will...

  • Come to your property to create your free project estimate
  • Schedule a service time that works for you
  • Call 20 minutes before our arrival to make sure you're ready
  • Collect your yard debris for removal
  • Take the debris to either Goodwill or the local landfill

You can focus on the rest of your storm damage restoration while we handle your yard. Reach out to our expert today for a free estimate on your project.